The Reason Why the Older Woman Left You

When we decided to have a cougar hook up dating with an older woman, we wanted to establish a long-term older women dating relationship with her. But we will find it very difficult to become a permanent mature dating partner of an older woman. Many older women leave after experiencing one-time love or several sexes with a young man. So what is the reason for the sugar momma to leave the young men? Let's take a closer look at the reasons why the sugar momma left you.

1: She can't feel your attention

Women, especially older women, like the care, attention and support from young men. They have been busy with their work for a day, and they are exhausted. They hope that at this time someone can care for them, give them a savory dinner, or give her a massage of the neck. Smart young cougar hook up dating partners usually prepare a rich dinner for them before they are ready to have cougar hook up dating with their sugar momma, give them a warm bath, and so on. These behaviors are all the performance to value them, and sugar momma will be very happy when they feel your attention.

2: Cougar dating partner’s  sex technology is not good

Although older women like to have a mature dating with young men, it does not mean that they accept young men with poor love skills. If your first-time experience doesn't satisfy her, she may leave you. Many times older women will give you a second chance, so you must improve your sex skills before your second mature dating. If you still can't satisfy her, then you will not have the chance to continue cougar dating with her.

3: Cougar dating partners are not loyal to them

The sixth sense of a woman is very sensitive. It is easy for them to find that you are having cougar hook up dating with a number of sugar momma at the same time. Older women hate this unfaithful young man. They hate young men who are not loyal to them . This kind of man doesn't know how to be grateful, even if you are good to him, they won't thank you. So older women will never let this kind of man become their long-term cougar hook up dating partner.

4: Mature dating partners can't match their sex time

This is the main reason why most older women leave young men. Because older women have their own work and even family, their time can not be freely controlled, they need older women dating partners to match their sex time, if young men can not cooperate, then they will decisively dismiss the older women dating relationship with the young man .

These four reasons are the reasons why the cougars leave their mature dating mate.After you knew these reasons, I believe you will adjust yourself to meet sugar momma's requirements.