Information Implied by the Cougar's body language

When you and your cougar hook up dating partner are dating for the first time, you can keep talking with her so that you can get familiar with each other as soon as possible or to make the atmosphere less embarrassing. But what we tell you is that what you have said is  less important than a body language. When sugar momma interact with the opposite sex, they are more likely to remember the cougar dating mate's body language and non-verbal communication.

In the short time during which you are in contact with a sugar momma, this woman is not very concerned about what you are saying, because her thinking is busy dealing with your body language and non-verbal cues. But at the same time she will also issue her own body language hints. If you want to know if you are attracted to her, you can judge by these hints. Today we will focus on the information implied by cougars' body language.

1: Sugar momma's eyes

We often say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. When we talk to people, we like to look at each other's eyes. But the length of this eye contact has different meanings. You will find that some older women have been removed from your eyes in just a few seconds, which means they may be shy or not interested in you. Some sugar momma can communicate with your eyes for more than three seconds, which shows that she has some interest in you, and sometimes this is a naked invitation. If the older woman locks your eyes many times, then she has a strong will to develop a cougar hook up dating relationship with you. Such strong eye contact is a clear signal that she feels attractive to you. If the older woman inadvertently rubbed her lips while talking to you, she is really satisfied with you.

2: older woman's lips

If you find that your cougar dating partner is keeping a smile on her face especially when she is staring at you, then she has been attracted by you. Sometimes you will find that your older woman inadvertently bite her lip in front of you, then she is showing her sex, which is used to get your attention. If you find that your mature dating partner is doing something like this to you, then she is taking action to invite you.

3: older woman's hair

Women's hair is another non-verbal suggestion. When a woman is attracted by you, she will inadvertently play with her hair, sometimes gently rubbing her hair and showing her beautiful and sexy side in front of you. Sometimes a little hair is folded over the ear to reveal her thin neck, these are obvious body language signals that indicate she is interested in you.

These three body languages is the most obvious indications that they are into you and want to have a cougar dating with you.